What to Do When Your Marriage Breaks Down

marriage breaks down

When you enter into a serious relationship with anyone there is an expectation and a hope that this will be the relationship that lasts. No-one really believes that their relationship is doomed from the beginning.

Any long term relationship needs hard work from both parties and a lot of compromise in order for it to work, so it is no surprise that around a third of marriages and committed relationships eventually fail. This can happen for many reasons; whether because one partner changes beyond recognition, or couples slowly drift apart over time.

Added into the mix are cases of infidelity or failure to communicate over important issues such as money. Without a concerted effort from both parties, small differences can become large ones and there comes a time when there seems to be no turning back.

Whatever the reason for the breakdown of the relationship, there is bound to be disappointment and ill feeling on both sides. No-one actually wants to be faced with all the problems that parting can bring. While the occasional relationship ends in such a way that the couple part amicably and remain friends, this isn’t generally the case. Most couples have serious issues and a feeling of resentment. Consequently, a divorce generally benefits from the impartial advice and expert knowledge that a divorce solicitor can provide.

marriage breaks down

The service provided by a solicitor

A solicitor does so much more than dealing with the paperwork required in order to dissolve a marriage. They are there to offer advice, support and to protect your rights. The longer you have been together, the more likely it is that your lives have become intertwined and this is especially true if there are children from the relationship. Matters concerning finance and children are just two of the ways in which divorce solicitors can help you, ensuing that the split is fair and that the rights of the children are protected.

A solicitor can also provide the degree of separation that a lot of people need when dealing with their former partner, helping to keep matters calm by allowing warring parties to have a cooling off period between their exchanges and toning down the sometimes inflammatory language that we often use when fighting our corner. It doesn’t serve anyone’s best interests to be at war with an ex and a good solicitor can work to bring matters to a more amicable solution, benefitting all involved and helping the parties to move on once the dissolution of the relationship is complete.

Working within the law

It is not easy to accept that your relationship has broken down, even if you are the one who has started proceedings. Knowing your rights is the first step towards moving on with your life and starting over. Your solicitor will provide answers to your questions and advise you as to the best course of action, but is ultimately required to take instruction from you, giving you a degree of control (within certain parameters) over how your divorce is handled. As your ex’s solicitor will also be advising them as to what the law requires with regard to childcare and financial support for children, you can rest assured that their needs will be taken care of, no matter what the individual opinions of the parties may be.

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