5 Tips for Flying Peacefully

ID-100202041Master the art of flying peacefully by moving your attention to anxiety-reducing activities. Whether you are exercising, reading or playing games on your mobile device focusing on some peaceful practice calms both your mind and body.

Nobody is immune from the stresses of flying.  Being held back by long delays, dealing with the annoying person who continually kicks your seat or experiencing choppy turbulence agitates even the most seasoned flier.

Use these tips to fly peacefully. Reach your destination, calm focused and well-rested.

Request an Aisle Seat

Request an aisle seat. Reduce any anxiety around feeling crowded. If you are flying on a smaller plane sitting by the aisle feels freeing. Being crammed in the middle seat feels confining. Sitting by the window can feel scary because you are watching the wings shake and land or ocean hurtle by you some 38,000 feet below. Have a peaceful flight. Sit by the aisle so you can get up with ease to walk around.

Walk Around Frequently

Take hourly breaks on long flight for walking around. Whether you are flying to China or a local destination taking walking breaks makes your flight feel shorter.  Stretch out your legs, ease tension and create a more peaceful flight for yourself. Being confined to planes can feel agitating. Forget about trying to deal with crying babies or severe turbulence by sitting out the ordeal. Take walking breaks frequently to improve your circulation, raise your energy and promote your peace of mind.

For shorter flights take breaks every 30 minutes. Move around to boost your mood. Exercising can calm even the most anxious, worried flier.

Have Tech at Your Disposal

Even if you cannot go online take your tablet, laptop or smart phone with you on any flight. Use technology to divert your attention. Moving your focus to playing games, completing work offline or doing whatever you want to do on your moble device shifts your attention from flight-related anxieties to your favorite activities. Gone are the days of only having access to an inflight magazine or book.

Never use your electronic device while landing or taking off as the waves generated can interfere with the plane’s computer system.


Stock up on paperbacks or go the tech route with your kindle to promote your peace of mind while flying. Reading shifts your focus to a thrilling story. Get caught up in an inspiring tale or enthralling fantasy to forget any flight-related stresses you might be going through.

Buy at least 2 to 3 novels for an across the world flight. Switch your reading materials every few hours to keep your mind fresh. Bring along at least one novel for a local flight to remain calm, relaxed and focused on enjoying a good book.

Load up your kindle for a steady supply of entertaining reading materials.


Consider waking early before your flight to feel tired enough to pass out during your plane ride. Sleeping helps you miss the inflight drama which agitates many fliers. Find a comfortable position, relax and recuperate by passing out for power naps. If you can sleep for hours on a long flight even better!

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph helps you to enjoy your vacation by sharing travel tips.

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