5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

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Choosing a birthday gift for a friend or family member can often times be a difficult and arduous process. You might be concerned that your gift won’t please them, or that they may already possess what you plan to give—the gift-giving process is anything but easy!

 But you don’t always have to stick with tried-and-true methods – creative gifts often garner the most positive reception. So if you’re looking for a gift to give to someone in your life, try one of these five ideas to choose something they will cherish forever.

 Donate to Charity

This is a wonderful idea for recipients who already have all of the material possessions they need. Find out what charity they strongly support, and make a donation in their name. Give them the receipt as their gift, and show them that your gift was your attempt to support the cause that they love.

 Universal Remote

How many times do you find yourself searching for the right remote to turn off a specific appliance, only to get frustrated by the whole process? It’s a more common phenomenon than you think, and it’s likely that your friends experience the same pain.

 Friends II

If this is the case, consider purchasing your friend or family member a universal remote that can be programmed to manipulate all of their electronics. They’ll be thanking you for years.

Dance Lessons

Most people give material possessions as gifts, but few ever decide upon signing up their friends for classes to help develop their skills. Pay for a few dance lessons (or music lessons, or art lessons) for your friend, and give them the gift of exercise and fun!

 Commit to Helping Them in the Future

This is a great gift to give if your friend has an important event coming up in his or her life. If your friend is about to move from one house to another, promise to help them relocate as your gift. Or if they are struggling to find a babysitter to watch their kids for a date night, commit to this job for a few nights and allow them some time to go out and relax. Your gift will contribute to both their sanity and their happiness in life.

Homemade Five-Course Meal

While you might rather give your friend or family member a gift card to a fancy restaurant, or even take them out yourselves, consider cooking them a delicious meal at your home to show your true appreciation and love. Your meal will show them that you care deeply enough about them to spend an entire day and/or night committed to satisfying their taste buds.

If you are not much of a chef yourself, enlist in the help of someone you know who is, or think about hiring a professional chef for a few hours that can help you prepare a meal that will leave everyone full for the night (as an added plus, you may even pick up some cooking tips!).

 Give a Unique Gift

Giving a creative and unique gift can often be the best idea when trying to celebrate a friend or family member. The next time you are searching for a gift to give, offer your friend the gift of a lifetime with one of these five unique ideas.

 The author, Anthony Palermo, is a freelance blogger, father of four, and retired small business owner. He writes on a variety of different topics hoping to help readers with anything from small decisions to big life choices. He is currently working on a piece about custom bobbleheads.

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