DataCove’s Multi-Award Winning Email Archiving System

The DataCover Email Archiving System is a simple to use and multi-functioning email archiver that may be utilized to organize and create clear-cut structure for essentially any network running email systems such as Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise.

Email Archiving System

This appliance on the foundation level archives all outgoing, incoming and internal emails whilst also boasting an arsenal of advanced and specialist features. These features include: the de-duplication of attachments, customizable retention rules for tiered retention policies and the provision of simultaneous storage of emails from multiple exchange servers.

 The Email Archiving System comes in a multitude of models for every purpose and necessity. From the selection of models on offer, the features range from the first tier DataCove G5 comprising of a 500 GB RAID 1 256 bit AES and a capacity of up to 700 users all the way to the seventh tier DataCove T12 with the remarkable capacity of up to 9000 users and a limitless 12TB RAID 50 256 AES. In addition, all models come with 1 year of active updates and a beneficial year of parts and labor warranty.

 With the ability to restrict/permit any employee access to their emails and flexible user role definition the Email Archiving System allows for simple and efficient management of the email system run under the chosen network. Furthermore, DataCove is very easy to utilize as it comes with several setup wizards to make configuration a walk in the park.

 The Email Archiving System supports a complex search system and the ability to carry out advanced search queries. This means that the need administrators have to save and archive email conversations without fear of being unable to keep track of them need not be a worry when integrating this practicable appliance.

 DataCove administers in-depth email compatibility for not only MS Exchange and Novell GroupWise but also supports email systems such as Lotus Notes and standard SMTP, POP and IMAP (in addition to their secure variations).

 Even with integration taking no more that 30 minutes, the DataCove system continues to proceed itself as it can not only digitally store email but also manage the safe storing of VOIP (voice over IP) and fax forms of communication. Not only does DataCove integrate with Microsoft Exchange but also with Postfix, Send mail, Qmail, iMail, and many others whilst being efficient in directly importing emails and messages from Microsoft Exchange and PST files.

DataCove Cloud is an Enterprise Email Archiving Solution. Enterprise Archiving Solutions function to primarily to protect and preserve all email data whilst boasting a dynamic spam filter service that maintains as much free space as possibly available.

 Cloud allows the seizing and indexing of all emails, PST, digital faxes and email attachments. In addition, it has an efficient search and retrieval function, a long-term archiving system with no risk of tampering and a modest, affordable price.

 It runs independently with the only purpose being email retention and search/retrieval. There is no need for it to be integrated with any functioning backup system and the installation of DataCove will cause no disruption to existing IT infrastructure.

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