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Are Career Goals Still Achievable These Days?

There are many people jumping from one career path to another. They usually start looking for jobs related to the courses they took in college or vocational schools. Once on the job, they realize the difficulties their chosen career path holds. They recognize that the income they gain is less than what their college professors advertise. They feel overworked but underpaid. They are not treated well in the organization and the employers may act against the labor law compliance posters.  Day in and day out, they face the pressure to do well and outperform others to get the promotion sooner. After months or years, the truth bites. They experience getting shortlisted for a possible promotion and someone else gets the position. They work hard without the recognition. They work harder and still without a raise.  They oftentimes feel cheated than rewarded. Is this the right time to change your course or career path?

In times when an employee’s output does not match his financial gains, people are pushed to look at their current source of income or their income figures. Whatever you focus on will expand. If you focus on your source of income and this not providing you with enough financial resources for all your needs, you might end up changing your job. However, if you focus on the figures you might consider other sources of income to improve your finances. When you reach the crossroads, take some time to reassess you career goals.

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Revisit Your Career Choice

When things get a little shaky, it does not always mean you have to jump ship. You might simply need to strengthen the foundations of where you are standing. What is your goal in life? Did you take up that college course because it is what you dream of doing for life? Did you enroll in it because you thought it could help you earn the funds to afford your dreams in life? Will the chosen career make you happy? Are you happy with what you are doing?

Define Your Current Financial State

Are you working happily or are you working to survive? If you are happy with your job but you are earning less, then you are in the right path. You simply need to learn ways to earn more. However, if you are not happy with your job and you are not earning well, then say goodbye to your current job. What good does it do you to work hard without financial or emotional rewards? Nevertheless, if you do not like your job but it affords you everything you like, start giving yourself an ultimatum. Wealth is nothing if it does not make you happy. In fact, you can be rich and unhealthy. Stress when left unmanaged can lead to illnesses. How many more years can you continue doing the same job? How much money do you need to save to be free to do whatever makes you happy?

Redefine Your Career Goals

What job will make you truly happy? Do you want a career in sales? Do you want the money you earn in sales? Perhaps, you should start thinking about having your own business instead. Do you like earning a lot as a manager? Does it make you happy to deal with people, train or mentor them? Our common idea of success is usually in terms of financial gains. People feel unsuccessful if they are not rich.

In reality, you can only have sustainable success, earn a lot, if and only if you are happy with what you are doing. If you are in the right career path but you do not see the fruits of you labor yet then just move forward steadily. Learn the tricks of the trade so you can get the promotion you want. Success requires patience and endurance. However, try learning new skills or acquiring new sources of income. You can work part-time or sell stuff online. You can stay in course if you have financial resources backing you up.

If you are in the wrong path and you have redefined what you truly want to do, give yourself time to exit that path gracefully. You cannot simply leave your work for a job you want if you cannot afford it yet. This means if you want to work abroad as a professional then start saving now from your current job for your plans. Give yourself three, five or ten years. Complaining that you will never reach your career goals will not get you anywhere. However, if you have a feasible plan then you will transform these dreams into reality sooner.

However, there may be instances that life will help you recognize what truly makes you happy. Your career choice and your current job may no longer be as interesting to you. In the course of life, you may be able to realize your purpose too. This new career goal can be something foreign to you. Do not fear to tread the new path. Acquire the knowledge and wisdom required to be successful in such field. You are never too old to learn.

These days, when the workplace is very competitive, work is demanding and earning more is necessary, achieving your career goal is still possible. You never have to settle for whatever life serves you. Expand your reality and realize that you can make things happen, if you want to. Resist becoming a victim of your past or present circumstances. There is nothing constant in life. Unless you define what makes you happy, you will never experience it. Do not live life frustrated, discontented and dissatisfied. Set the boundaries and realize that you can be successful even at a young age. You can even retire young and still grow old richer. Take time to identify your career goals and write them down. Set the deadline when you will achieve them. Be humble enough to accept your current state. How far are you from your goals? Make a realistic timeline. Check them periodically if you are closer to achieving them than the time you have given yourself. You will never discern where you are heading unless you know where you are today.

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