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Lessons Learned From Natural Disasters

natural disasters

The spate of freak weather events that have hit the United States in recent years have led to a lot of soul searching over what we can learn from natural disasters, both philosophically and practically. Whether it takes days or years, we eventually forget about a particular natural disaster until another one strikes. It is important therefore in the aftermath of a natural disaster to assess what we can learn from it about ourselves and about our own actions in life, and especially about what we can do to help ourselves and help others.

Here are 4 important lessons to learn from natural disasters, which could change your life, save you money or help you save a life.

natural disasters

Looking after the less fortunate in society

There is a massive uptake in charity after a natural disaster strikes, and it is important that we actually continue this behavior and remember there are people in need all year around. We run to donate money to those who have lost their homes, but day-to-day we ignore those who have never had homes to begin with. Natural disasters well highlight the importance of charity and caring about others in society, and it is perhaps important that we acknowledge as a society that there are always people in need. Instead of donating a little money when a disaster strikes, why not donate a little money every month to a worthy cause like helping the homeless? Charity always matters, no matter who is affected and why those less fortunate are in the situation they are in.

Why insurance matters

The past few years have been marked by financial uncertainty and recession, and because of this many people have cut down on or stopped paying for insurance all together. While there are short term gains to not paying for things like home insurance, in the long term the effects can be disastrous and financially ruining. For example, many people who were struck down by Hurricane Sandy are now starting to benefit from their insurance policies, but there are still many who were not so prudent or lucky. For those who have lost their homes and all their belongings, the lack of home insurance can be the difference between survival or bankruptcy. If you are not sure about the cost of your home insurance, you can check the rates in your state on this website:

Over-reliance on technology

When storms roll in, it is common for electricity to cut out. In our technology obsessed world, the idea of a day without our computer or iPhone is practically unthinkable. If you find yourself without electricity, try seeing the bright side of the situation and mediating on how you entertain yourself without electricity. When was the last time you read a real book or played a board game with your family? In an otherwise frightening situation, discover an interesting side by taking a good look at yourself and at how over-reliant you are on technology.

Protecting your home

An important lesson to learn from natural disasters is that if you look after your home, it will look after you. Make sure that you keep up general maintenance of your home as during a freak weather event your home is often your only protection. While fixing cracked window panes and poorly fitted doors may just seem like a bother in good times, during bad weather it could be the difference between life and death.

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