Best Entertainment Places in London

uk best places

London has been hailed as one of the most theatrically entertaining and historically fascinating cities in the world. With it’s trademark sites such as the Tower of London and the Buckingham Palace, London has been flocked by tourists from all over the world. The theatrical scene of the West End including performances at London’s Ambassadors Theater is home to some of the most engaging murder mysterious and dramatic works.

uk best places

The Tower of London:

There are many historical and mind-boggling facts about the historic beginnings of the Tower of London. Tourists will view the place where Richard III put his own nephews in prison or the precious jewels of Colonel Blood that are in the same place they were years ago. For history buffs that are fascinated by the events of past which transpired at this mysterious landmark, The Tower of London should not be missed.

The O2:

Music lovers are constantly flocking at London’s largest entertainment complexes, The O2. This exciting amphitheater has been ideal for concerts by mainstream entertainers, such as the legendary Michael Jackson, Prince and even modern day pop stars such as Lady Gaga. It is the home of some of the most popular sporting events such as soccer, baseball and basketball. There are a host of nightclub, cinemas and delicious cuisines at fine dining restaurants which serve dishes from all over the country, including Sushi, Thai, Mediterranean and more.

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham Palace is one of the most talked about landmarks in London. It is the home of the Queen and is one of the most gorgeous residences that tourists will lay their eyes on. There are more than 700 rooms in the entire establishment, that the Queen used for entertaining her guests. Visitors will marvel at her gorgeous collection of paintings on the wall from such classic artists, such as Rembrandt and fascinating sculptures by some legendary carvers that were especially commissioned by the Queen. The palace is open for viewing at select times of the year, usually the summer and fall.

Ambassadors Theater:

Many theaterlovers who come to the West End, should not miss one of the most established antique theaters, the Ambassador. The Ambassador theater, with it’s small yet quaint auditorium which is delightfully decorated with a very medieval type of aura, is home of some of London’s finest dramas. There have been writers such as Agatha Christie who began their careers at the Ambassador. Formerly called ‘The New Ambassadors’ in the 1950s, Christie’s “At The Mousetrap” became one of the most ever-popular murder mystery plays on the stage of the Ambassadors theater. The Ambassadors theater will always be noted for some of the best quality drama theatrical works that one can find in the West End.

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