Best New York Restaurants in 2013

New York Restaurants

People will admit the fact that monotonous meal and unattractive environment of a restaurant can make you feel sick and tired. We often complain regarding restaurants where people face a bad day and fail to find out a place to relax. As today’s life has become more hectic and busy, people feel weak and uneasy. Almost everyone knows that the best remedy to get rid of such problems is food. This is the reason it is always important to look for the best place to have good food and to relax. If this is your concern then you can visit some of the best New York restaurants.

New York Restaurants

The Best

One of the best New York restaurants is Daniel. It offers only the best dishes in the world. The delicious and tasteful dishes they offer can make anyone feel easy and forget all worldly problems. Not only that, the place is also known for its elegant as well as very attracting Venetian design. The food of this awesome place is so unique that anyone feels new and fresh. As they have the expert cook in their kitchen, Daniel offers its customers a dining room full with strategically placed brilliant lights as well as decors making them great at the restaurant’s beauty while enjoying their pleasurable meal.

Mausam Restaurant is another famous restaurant that is known for their delicacies off all types of Indian cuisine served in American style. If you are a man who likes Indian cuisine then you must visit this restaurant. This is a place that is known all over the world for its flavour and freshness. At the same time you can also enjoy bar service at the restaurant.

Another reputed restaurant in New York is The Manor Restaurant. This place is famous for its beautiful décor. The best décor of this place makes it a stylish place to dine. The restaurant has beautiful garden inside it along with amazing fountains. You can also enjoy after dining dance party that will create a unique romantic environment. You can’t resist enjoying during his visit to New York.

More of the Best

The 21 Club is said to be the birthplace of power lunch. It has been favourite spot of professionals since 1930. It has been said that more deals are made at 21 than on the stock market floor. This is a club that offers classic cuisine with a modern twist as well as extensive wine list. This restaurant enforces proper dress code this is the reason you need to be sure to dress appropriately.

If you want a sophisticated place to dine, then you must visit The Modern. This is located within the museum of Modern Art. This restaurant features a brightly lit dining room along with a unique sculpture garden. You can have amazing French-American cuisine, a wine list over 900 wines as well as various cocktails. The service is great, and the inspiring artwork offers you to spend the best moment with your family as well as loving people.

Gotham Bar and Grill offers the best classic environment in a restaurant. This place is world famous for its food and restaurant critic. This place is described as warm and welcoming, justly confident place for dining. Here you can find rare wine and wide choice of excellent modern cuisine.

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