Frames 101: Metallic or Wooden vs. Ready-made or Customized Picture Frames

Picture frames are designed or styled edgings for a picture such as painting or photograph which enhances the visual beauty of the artwork. Frames make it easier for artworks to be displayed and protected from several unexpected conditions. The frame along with its mounts protects and complements the artwork. There are a lot of various designs of frames which are made available in the market today. You can freely choose what picture frame would suit the character of your photograph or painting. If you wanted to have a unique design of picture frames, you can have it custom-made; however, it would become lot more expensive. But initially, the price of the picture frames depends mostly on its quality.


There are a lot of types of picture frames available in the market but the two most in demand in the public is the wooden and metallic frame. Many photographers uses and recommends metallic frames, while, painters and artists preferred the wooden ones because it suits any theme of the painting.

When you go to art galleries or museums where photographs are displayed, you would often see that they are displayed with metallic frames. The metal picture frames have a slender size and contains a white wide mat board which is used to rim the pictures or photographs.

Particularly, when black and white photos are displayed, photographers used white wide mat board in the picture frames in order to focus the eyes of the viewers at the center of the frame, not at the frame but to the picture which is displayed. Meanwhile, wooden frames are commonly used by many painters and artists because it can be painted, stained or glided into different colors that will suit the artwork. Painted frames make the painting much more attractive to the eyes of every person as they have vibrant colors that will extract the dullness of the atmosphere and convert it to a lively one.

As a photographer, many of them purchase metallic picture frames which are ready-made or customized ones.  On one hand, ready-made or customized picture frames are not only available in metallic but also in the wooden ones. However, customized picture frames can be made up from any material of your desire.

Ready-made picture frames are available in different, shapes, sizes, styles and designs. As they were made available in the market, these frames have never been out of stock. This kind of picture frame is much cheaper than the customize ones since you do not demand and command what frame should be made. Meanwhile, custom-made frames are normally purchased if your artwork does not fit the proper and normal shape and size of ready-made frames. Whatever kind of frame, you will choose, select the one which is attractive to one’s perspective and will suit and compliment the style and theme of the artwork.

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