Garmin offers Pilots State-of-the Art GPS Navigation Units

garmin gps

Are you a seasoned pilot who is interested in buying a new state-of-the-art GPS unit for your plane? Maybe you just got your pilot wings and need to know which GPS unit is right for you. Regardless of how long you’ve been flying the friendly skies, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing the Garmin brand. The area Garmin 795 is one top choice to consider as this unit brings you one step closer to a paperless cockpit. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Garmin 795 offers a 7-inch touchscreen display that works both in portrait and landscape mode. There are large icons on the display which indicate their functions such as maps, terrain, 3D vision, doc viewer, charts, etc. You can choose any of these options with ease on the Garmin 795 by simply touching the appropriate icon. This unit offers the City Navigator function which allows you to look for and locate any desired surface address you can use as your flight plan way-point or aerial direct-to navigation. One of the most popular features on the Garmin 796 is the airport directory database which provides you with global airport info for thousands of airports around the world.

garmin gps

The Garmin 796 GPS is another unit to consider buying. This particular GPS is one of the most reliable, everyday units pilots around the world choose to have in their cockpits. The 796 features 3D vision and ‘smart charts’ which are geo-referenced to allow you to watch your aircraft move across the chart wherein you can tap for more info. The Garmin 796 GPS comes with a bright 7-inch intuitive touchscreen that can be read in the brightest sunlight. This GPS device is loaded with features which will help you navigate the skies with ease while thoroughly enjoying all your time in the air. The Garmin 796 GPS cannot be matched in terms of on-board tools and reliability so do consider this Garmin as you will not be disappointed.

It would be wise to shop for your GPS unit online as that is where the best deals are. A leading GPS store on the web will have both the Garmin 795 and Garmin 796 GPS in stock and ready to ship. If you are on a budget, take the time to find a store that has a sale running. You could very well end up saving yourself anywhere from 20 to 35% off retail which would add up to several hundred dollars.

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