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Google X Now Developing Green Energy Generation Methods

Google is no stranger to innovation. The world’s most popular search engine has launched a series of popular online services and applications that have helped make life easier for millions of people around the world. But all of Google’s innovation isn’t restricted to just computer technology. The company is known for testing out futuristic products, such as a driverless car and more recently, a new energy generation project that could change the way generate electricity significantly.

A Different Kind of Wind Turbine

Wind turbines aren’t a new invention. While they have been perfected in the last couple of years, wind turbines have existed for many decades now. While some support using green energy generation methods such as wind power, we must admit that this type of energy generation method does have its limitations. The amount of electricity that can be generated from the wind is quite limited, requiring the use of numerous turbines to achieve any decent level of power generation. Then, there are some who complain that the turbines are unsightly, cause excessive amounts of noise and can disturb local wildlife.

1449868160_d560bbfeacBut Google’s innovation unit, called Google X, is working on a very different sort of wind turbine. The project would involve putting the tips of wind turbines into space and having them generate power as they circulate, attached to a 300 ton steel tether. Obviously, this technology is completely new and has never been used for actual power generation before, but many would support ideas that could create good amounts of clean energy, helping us replace generation methods that cause atmospheric pollution, such as plants that burn fossil fuels.

The Need for Green Energy

Green energy is something that is increasingly being talked about. Solar and wind powered solutions are being built by numerous companies. But, so far, the results haven’t been what we’ve expected and many development projects have run into the same problems: a low amount of power being created, combined with a high cost of the necessary equipment. This makes many green energy companies unprofitable and thus unattractive to investors. Some have given up on large-scale energy production, instead focusing on micro-generation, which could be something as simple as creating a miniature wind turbine that can feed electricity to a 28 volt dc power supply

, which can then be used to power certain small devices.

But Google is different, as they are not a company that focuses solely on energy generation. They make most of their money from Internet marketing services and can thus devote a certain part of their budget to their Google X division, which creates futuristic products that might someday become very useful. Even if Google X’s current power generation project isn’t successful, there are high chances that a few of the products they create will eventually work and be adopted in mainstream use. We just have to wait and see how things would unfold for the next 20 or 30 years.

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