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Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are perhaps the most personal space in your home, only next to the bedrooms. There is no need to settle for what is already there, when you can easily customize them to suit your liking! However, a bathroom remodel or renovation project can be quite a daunting task as there are numerous factors you will have to consider; starting from whether you want to engage in a small scale makeover such as changing the tiles or counter-tops, or going in for a full-fledged renovation ranging from the floors to the hardware and walls. Here are some interesting ideas to inspire your bathroom renovation project!

Remodeling the Master Bathroom:

The master bathroom will most probably be the most challenging space to renovate, as you will tend to be more particular about all the choices and will not want to compromise on any aspect. It always helps to browse through pictures of various other bathrooms that are taken in other homes and look for bathrooms that match the overall layout of your bathroom. You can use that picture as an inspiration for the fixtures and colors used in the bathroom. It is of utmost importance to clearly determine what kind of style you want to use for the remodel such as classic, modern, contemporary or something completely different. If you are choosing a pastel color palette, it is important to choose fixtures in earthy shades to create a warm ambience. It is a great idea to use tiles in the shower and using the same tiles or colors in the flooring will help to bring about a fluidity in the overall look of the bathroom. You can use expensive tiles to create an accent on the wall next to the cheaper ones to give the walls a rich look. This will make your bathroom look brighter and flamboyant.

Remodeling On a Budget:

Bathroom remodeling can turn out to be quite an expensive affair, especially if you are particular about using certain types of tiles and fixtures. If you are looking to complete your renovation on a budget, make use of these simple ideas to engage in a budget friendly renovation project. Tiles are the most expensive item in bathroom renovation, especially when you employ a contractor to lay it. You can easily save on tie costs by using tiles to highlight only certain areas in the bathroom such as a strip on the floor and walls. You can paint the shower stalls and use the tiles as an accent in the middle. This will make it look artistic as well as be inexpensive, when compared to using tiles allover. Painting is undoubtedly the most inexpensive remodeling option for the bathroom. Another expensive item on the list are the counter-tops. Everyone wants to have granite counter-tops, at least in the master bathroom. Neutral colors like beige, gray, brown and tan are relatively expensive. You can save on this item by choosing newer colors. You can also look out for slabs that might have a slight damage at the edges or blemishes on them. These slabs can be easily purchased for a heavily discounted price, as there would be no takers for them. Similarly, when it comes to bathroom fixtures, you don’t always have to replace your shower stall or tub, if they are damaged. It is cheaper to have them relined than replaced. Instead, you can replace smaller items such as towel rods, light fixtures, faucets etc. There are relatively inexpensive, but can create a significant impact when changed.

Giving the Bathroom a Modern Makeover:

If you are looking for a modern or contemporary makeover for your bathroom, you can opt for floating fixtures such as wall-mounted vanities, wall-mounted toiles and sink faucets, and ceiling showerhead fixtures. This will give a very sleek and chic appeal to the bathroom. You can either opt for recess lighting or simply use dimmers in your switch control to create a modern ambience in your bathroom. Opting for glass mosaic tiles and slim rectangular glass tiles are the latest prevailing trends to create a sophisticated bathroom that is truly à la mode!

Whether you are looking to redesign a small or a large bathroom space, remember to always look for greener options in all your choices!

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