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Offline Marketing Ideas for Your Online Business


Whether you are part of an MLM opportunity, run an online store or anything in between, you probably put a lot of focus on web-based marketing, as you should. You are all up in social media, content creation and running a blog. If you are like many people in your position, you have probably not given much thought to offline marketing, but it can be a strong addition to your overall strategy. Here are some good ways to marketing your online business offline.


Flyers may seem like an old-school marketing technique, but they can be highly effective. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, consider hiring an enterprising youngster to do it for you.

Use Your Car as a Billboard

Advertising your business on your car can be a great marketing too.  Think how many people you can reach by simply driving your vehicle to and fro like you normally do. I cannot count how many times I have visited a website after having my curiosity piqued by an advertisement on someone’s car. You can get the image vectorized, slap it on and get some new visitors to your site.

Business Cards

Business cards are a must for any offline marketing strategy. First and foremost, you never know who you are going to meet, and having a business card on hand is the perfect way to make contact and give this person a way to access your site and get in touch with you. It makes you look professional, and that is always a good thing when trying to get new customers for sure. You can score them cheaply through many online and offline venues; if you are ultra-budget minded, you can make them yourself on your own computer.  Ask local businesses if you can leave the cards at the counter. I remember one busy diner near my home that allowed you to put up your card in the waiting area for a mere 50 bucks a month. Lots of eyes on those cards for sure.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is still a powerful marketing tool, and many online businesses find great success with it. While it is a bit more expensive and you really need to stick with the campaign for awhile to get results, you can get a great return on your investment. Just make sure you do the proper research when deciding who to target with the mailings.


Sponsorship is another great way to get your business in front of more people. See if any local teams need a sponsor, whether it be a kid’s little league team or an adult recreational league. You might also reach out to places that hold sporting and other types of events to see if you can get a sponsorship opportunity there.

Reach out to Related Businesses to Promote You

Provided this business would not be a direct competitor, reach out to the owners and ask about paying them to insert advertisements for your business into the customer’s bag after they make a purchase.

About the Author:Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things business; she recommends visiting if you are interested in putting together stickers to advertise your business on vehicles.


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