Tips for Planning an All-Inclusive Beach Resort Vacation

ID-100155242(1)Having stayed at all-inclusive resorts before, I can attest they are a great option for a relaxing vacation where you are responsible for precious little. Buffets abound, and you never have to look far to get someone to freshen up your drink. Should you want to liven things up, a tour desk packed with activities is available, or you can choose to not step foot outside the resort your whole stay. You are certainly not lacking for choice, and choosing just one can seem like a daunting task. But, if you arm yourself with some helpful hints, you will be able to focus in on the best picks for your wants and needs. Here are just a few such tips to get you started.

For the Budget-Minded

Clearly, the winter season is a peak time to flock to a beach resort since they are a delicious escape from the harsh weather. But, if you want some shelter from the cold and are hoping to get the best deal possible, that chunk of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can yield some great prices. This ‘’holiday’’ season leaves lots of people busy with shopping, parties, family gatherings and the like, and bookings tend to drop a bit during this time.  While summer may not be super-peak because most of the customer base is experiencing warm weather of their own, kids are out of school and many families are vacationing. So, if you are thinking of a summer trip, try to book it while school is still in session.

If you are really interested in getting the best deal, and your trip is a bit farther in the future, travel experts recommend scouting out your preferred destinations about 11 months in advance, and continually keep an eye on the prices, being ready to pounce as soon as a great deal is announced. Some great deals can be had at the very last minute as well, so if you are thinking about this trip kind of last minute, don’t think you won’t be able to find a reasonable package.  The more flexible you are on your location, the better chances you will find some great 11th hour offerings.

Investigate Exactly What ‘’All-Inclusive’’ Means

That term can mean different things to different resorts, and don’t make any assumptions. Often times, you have to pay for internet service—at my last resort, it was 16 dollars a day. Don’t assume alcohol is included; some do include alcohol, but the free stuff is not exactly top-shelf, and if you are particularly choosy about your booze, you may end up shelling out cash on a regular basis.Access to certain pools may incur additional fees. Eating at property restaurants may require payment.

When investigating the value of a certain resort, you have to consider whether you will make use of all these amenities that are included in the price. If not, you may be better off looking at a less expensive resort that does not include as much since you are not planning on doing much anyway.

The Beach

If you are scouting out a Caribbean vacation destination or Mexico, know that in many areas, the beach is not exactly swimmable. This may not be something you think about. It is easy to assume that you will be able to take a few short steps from your resort and dip right into the ocean. If it is really important that you be able to have the full beach experience, read up on the conditions of the water.


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