Priceless Insights On The Great Game Of Football By Jonathan Bunge

Football By Jonathan Bunge

Can a sport as popular like football teach you positive life- skills? Yes, it can, according to Jonathan Bunge! Football is one of the few sports in the world today that is not only enjoyable but enlightening as well. It teaches you subtle life -skills that are indispensable for a healthy living. Thanks to Jonathan who lives in Cleveland in Ohio, people are now being aware and educated on how football can actually change their lives and make them balanced as mature human beings!

Jonathan Bunge works in the transport industry and needs to travel long distances regularly. When he is back, he loves to share his ideas and thoughts with everyone on his interests that include tattoos, his experiences on the road and football. His posts on football are very motivating and inspiring. He writes well though he does not consider himself to be too great a writer. His posts are right from the heart and this makes him popular in Cleveland Ohio.

Football By Jonathan Bunge

Jonathan focuses on the need for the young and the youth to learn the skills of football. He has posted on this subject a lot on his blog so that parents get to know the significance and the importance of their children playing the sport. They are able to learn essential life skills like teamwork, unity, perseverance and hard work. They also learn how to face challenges as a team. In the game of football, you have to face the adversity and challenges with the whole team. There is no escape route to avert the challenge. You have to face it with the support of the whole team. In this way children are able to inculcate social skills that are necessary for survival and healthy living. With these life skills they become mature and balanced human beings in society.

There is also tremendous discipline and sacrifice in the game of football. It is a game of physical and mental fitness. This means that if you introduce your child to the joys of football at an early age, it will make him a mature human being. Nowadays there are women football teams and they too enjoy the game equally like men. So, if you have a little girl interested in sports, the joys of football can be introduced to her too!

Jonathan Bunge was lucky to have been allowed to play the sport as a child by his parents. His mother was a little skeptical at first as she was scared he would hurt himself. However, she gave in and he is happy that she did.

Football is more than just a game to Jonathan. There are several subtle life skills hidden in the game and if kids learn them at an early age, they will be amazing individuals. Football is a lovely sport-different from the rest. It is more to just chasing a ball and scoring goals. It teaches you how to survive and win. The game of football is so unpredictable like life. You can score goals anytime and the tables can turn instantly. With the right team spirit and camaraderie, playing football becomes fun and thrilling too!

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