What to Look for in a Country Club

Country Club

Spend serious time online and offline digging deep into potential country clubs. Whether you wish to spend time socializing with other members to grow your network or wish to hit the links for 18 holes each day joining a country club can be an enjoyable experience.

Prior to filling out an application get clear on why you wish to become a country club member.

Country Club


Why do you wish to join a club? Getting clear on your reasons naturally helps you take steps to find the right club for your needs. Although no perfect club exists you’ll find a nice match if you get clear on your reasoning. Some people enjoy the social status of being a club member while others prefer to dine in the club restaurant or socialize with other people. Whatever your reasons are be honest with yourself. Find your driver to begin your due diligence campaign on the right foot.

Are you hungry to hit the links or do you prefer to reap the other benefits of being a club member?  Some people enjoy spending 4 to 6 hours walking the course for 18 holes. Other members would rather play a game or 2 of tennis and laze in the lounge for the remainder of the day. Be honest with yourself to find a club which matches you needs.

Getting clear on why you want to join exposes many different motives. Some are more concerned with other people’s opinions of them, going for prestige above all else. A senior executive who can flash club membership may advance farther in their job because management views the club in such high esteem. In cases like these you may want to add another driver to find the right club. Sure it’ll help you to gain some serious clout by being a member but enjoying the links or tennis courts can make your club visits more enjoyable. Find a few motivators to nail down the ideal match.


Depending on how much time you’ll spend at the country club you’ll need to pick a spot relatively close to your home. Some members spend 5 or more days each week visiting clubs to play golf or socialize with other members. Driving an hour or more 5 days each week turns into a painful commute unless you deeply enjoy sitting behind the wheel. Fuel costs can also factor heavily into the location equation and time is another critical element for commuting country club members.

A club should be ideally located 20 to 30 minutes from your home. Being able to travel to and from the country club with ease can augment your overall experience. Convenience plays a huge factor in selecting the right club for you and your family.

If you hate driving consider finding a club which is located close to public transport lines. Take the train or bus to save on gas money and reduce your stress levels. Location means much when searching for your ideal country club.

Use the Internet to Leverage Your Presence

It may be challenging to find detailed information regarding a specific country club but doing strict due diligence online can unearth helpful word of mouth feedback. Visit forums and social networking websites related to country clubs in your area. You may be able to find helpful reviews along with glowing testimonials of the clubs which made your watch list.

Sites like Facebook and Google Plus are becoming popular spots for country clubs to set up helpful Pages. Learn more about the clubs by clicking through to research the information they’ve published on the web. Peruse current member reviews through social sites and forums. Word of mouth marketing is golden. Even if you can’t find as much information provided by the country club you can gauge feedback without the spin via an honest, genuine review shared by a club member.


Do as much research as possible before making your final decision. Get clear on your motives and use online and offline research to find the right club for you.

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