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Qualities That Make a Good Insurance Agent

It is a general notion among people that being an insurance agent is an easy job and it provides opportunities galore to earn a lot of money. While, it is true that being an insurance agent you would have a lot of scope to earn valuable income every month, you must know that it is certainly not an easy job. It requires you to put a lot of effort and more importantly you need to have immense dedication and passion to be successful.

Apart from having the passion and willingness to put in hard work each day, you need to have certain important qualities that would distinguish you from several other insurance agents in the market and will go a long way in helping you become a celebrated agent. Without these integral traits, you may not be as successful as you would want to be.

The important qualities that make a good insurance agent are discussed below:


Honesty is one of the most importanttraits to haveirrespective of the type of profession you are into and for insurance agent it holds even greater significance. Insurance agents who indulge into fraudulent activities or lie about their product may not stay in the company for long. In most cases agents who lie end up being punished. Any good insurance agent would tell you that being honest and truthful about the product you are selling will help you win customers’ respect and loyalty.

Technical Knowledge

This is probably of the most important quality of a good insurance agent that separates him/her from the rest. To be a good insurance agent you need to have comprehensive knowledge about the insurance industry and related fields. While making a pitch to your potential customer, you must not only be able to thoroughly explain the benefits the customer is likely to avail from the policy but also you must help the customer understand the tax implications and well as the legalities of the policy. This would increase your chances of selling the policy. Additionally, having such additional knowledge will help you to be a better agent and it may be beneficial for you in the long run; it may open doors for you to climb up the ladder in your organization.


This is another important trait of a good insurance agent. To be a successful agent, you need to be energetic and enthusiastic at all times. When you meet a customer if you look worn down or clumsy, the customer will immediately have a negative impression about you and the customer may rub you off and refuse buying anything from you.

Customer oriented approach

Insurance agents who are able to attend to the customers queries and needs whenever they (customers) require them have better chances of doing better business than others. As an insurance agent you must always be ready to answer the customers’ phone calls and deliver what you promise within the said time frame. One of the most common complaints customers have about insurance agents is that they find it difficult to reach them after they buy the policy; to be a good insurance agent you must provide prompt after sales services.

The qualities of a good credit insurance broker  and trade debtors management  agents are also similar to that of a general insurance and life insurance agent.

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