Wedding Planning Advice for Grooms

The prospect of planning a wedding can be terrifying for many grooms. However, many grooms do not realize the benefits that they can enjoy simply by becoming involved in a few key aspects of the wedding planning process. Grooms can also help minimize costs and maximize enjoyment by participating in meetings with caterers, photographers and other key wedding vendors. Finally, the groom has the power to put his bride’s mind at ease on their big day by being aware of key events scheduled for their big day and by planning something special for the bride. Below are some key tips for grooms to help maximize enjoyment for the groom and all parties involved in the wedding process.

Choose One or Two Key Aspects of the Wedding to Manage
Grooms can pleasantly surprise their brides simply by expressing an interest in planning their big day. By choosing to handle a couple of specific elements of the wedding, a groom reaffirms his commitment to his bride and shows that he has no intention of standing idly by while his bride shoulders all of the responsibility of the planning process.

When choosing which aspects of the wedding to direct his focus, a groom should consider his strengths and interests. For instance, a groom may have a keen interest in music and travel but know little about flowers. In this case, the groom should consider handling the music or scheduling the honeymoon while relegating coordination with the florist to his bride or wedding planner. The groom can incorporate his own choice of songs into wedding music New Jersey and can suggest some honeymoon travel destinations that he has always wanted to visit.


Participate in the Selection of Vendors and Planning Sessions
The number of vendors or planning agents involved in the planning of a wedding can be overwhelming. For many couples, a wedding involves the selection of a caterer, florists, wedding facilitator, music provider, travel agent, photographer and other wedding vendors. Because the bride and groom will be coordinating with these vendors for an extended period of time, it is especially important to choose vendors that are experienced, pleasant and dependable. By participating in the selection of wedding vendors, grooms are able to minimize the potential for strife and personality conflicts. And by taking part in subsequent meetings with chosen vendors, the groom can help keep an eye on costs and make sure vendors adhere to the terms of their contracts.

Surprise Your Bride and Adhere to the Wedding Day Schedule
Many brides hear horror stories about grooms who are late for their own weddings and other frightening tales. Some brides fear that they could have a similar experience or worry that their grooms may forget key items on their wedding day. By assuring his bride that he has memorized their wedding day schedule, a groom can help minimize his bride’s potential for wedding day jitters. He can further reduce his bride’s stress level by planning a special surprise for her on their big day. A personal note, a glass of champagne delivered to the dressing room or other small trinket are all effective means by which a groom can convey love and reassurance to his bride on their big day.