The LG Optimus G VS The HTC One X

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When you think of cell phone manufacturers, the first names that come to mind are probably those of Apple, Samsung, or maybe Nokia.

LG and HTC aren’t exactly megastars in the universe of cell phones, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do well. Everyone has to start somewhere, and both LG and HTC are rapidly up and coming companies.

The LG Optimus G is the company’s current top of the line model, and is a fine looking device. Maybe a little square looking compared to what we’ve come to expect from a smart phone, but still nice.

The HTC One X is also a great phone, a worthy competitor to Samsung and Apple. Choosing between the LG and the HTC is a pretty tough choice though, given how great they both are. And when we look at the specs, the choice still only becomes a little easier…

htc open x

Why Go For the LG Optimus G?

There are a couple of big advantages that the LG model has over the HTC. The first is that the LG comes with double the RAM (2MB over 1 MB). This makes the phone simply more responsive and better at handling multiple processes at the same time. It has a noticeable effect, but not a huge one.

Probably the biggest advantage though lies in the built in camera. The LG comes with a massive 13 MP camera, compared to the standard 8 MP cam on the HTC. That means your photos are a good sixty per cent more detailed, brighter, cleaner, and better suited to blowing up and printing. A 13 MP camera is still something of a rarity on smart phones, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Other than that, the differences are small. The LG has about ten per cent better screen resolution, making the picture quality sharper, but it’s not terribly noticeable unless the phones are side by side. It also comes in slightly smaller, again by around ten per cent. That’s not a huge difference, but this is something that you’ll be carrying around in your pocket all day, so that ten per cent might be important to you.

Why Go For the HTC One X?

The biggest advantage of the HTC device is the faster maximum data transfer speeds. The HTC should get around eight and a half times faster data than the LG. That means web pages that open more quickly and faster downloads.

Other than that, the differences are again small. You get a little more stand by time on the HTC model, getting around seventeen days of stand by versus fourteen days on the LG. It also comes in a little lighter, at 130 g as compared to the 145 g LG model.

Declaring a Winner…

These phones are actually pretty equal, and both of them are a good buy. However, we have to declare the LG Optimus G to be the winner here, simply because of that amazing 13 MP camera. To find a camera that great on a phone this reasonably priced is incredible, and definitely deserves the win for that alone.

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