Tips On Choosing The Right Stage For Your Wedding Event


Event organizers agree that choosing the perfect stage for an event is one of the hardest parts of their job. There are very many things to consider and at times, they might disagree with the hosts. This makes it very difficult to choose the perfect stage for any event. There are however, a few pointers below that will help anyone get the right stage for their event.



This is one essential thing that most people forget. Since the stage will not be part of the house or hall used, it will need something to bring electricity into it. There are very many different electrical extensions that you can use to pull power to the stage. Ensure that you get one that can handle the voltage you will be using. Otherwise it might blow. Also ensure that there is proper lighting on the stage. You do not want the people who will go on stage to be invisible. Proper lighting should enable anyone in the crowd, audience or guests to see the stage properly, without strain.


Most people also forget to consider the height of the stage. Any stage should be raised. No matter the event. It should be higher than normal ground. So you will need to consider the height of the stage. Ensure that it is raised enough for anyone in the audience to see it properly. But it should not be too high such that the audience has to look up at the stage. This will tire them out.


Some stages need roof setups added so that they can be complete. There are some that do not need the roof as maybe the venue will cater for that. When you consider adding a roof setup, also consider the height of the stage and the lighting. The roof might need lighting and the stage should not be too tall. If the stage is too tall, people might have to bend in order to fit. If on the other hand, the roof is too high up, people will look miniature.

Type of roof needed

There are two types of roofs that can be used in a concert or event. These are the load bearing and the non load bearing roof. The load bearing roof, as the name suggests, can support a lot of weight. It is however light and can even fly in the wind. The non load bearing roof is for shelter from the sun or rain. In any concert it is better to have the load bearing roof. This is because there is a lot of activity that will happen in the stage. However, for other events like weddings and such, you might use the non load bearing roof.

Venue size

This is an obvious factor. The venue size will determine the size of the stage and also the size of the roof setup. Ensure that you know these sizes well in order to avoid getting a stage that is too small or one that doesn’t fit in.

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