Creative Wedding Favor Ideas

creative wedding ideas

Souvenirs are usually given away to the guests who attended a couple’s wedding celebration. These come in different forms and shapes, are they serve the purpose of giving thanks to the people who took part in the whole wedding extravaganza.

But wedding favors can sometimes be expensive; this because you not only have to buy the favor itself, but have it custom decorated as well. You have the option to do your own wedding souvenirs, though, and if you are looking for something that is more personalized and doesn’t eat much of your budget, then here are some ideas:

creative wedding ideas

1. Potpourri jars. Potpourri is easy to make; all you have to do is dry flowers, leaves and citrus peels and have them scented with fragrance oils. You can place them on small fancy jars and have them labeled with your wedding greeting for guests to take home after the party.

You can actually pick any flower and have it dried to create potpourri, or you can buy a big bag of already processed dried leaves and flowers and place them in small jars instead, to reduce the effort.

2. Personalized CDs. Since it’s already the interactive age, you may want to give your guests a token that keeps up with the times. A CD of the couple’s favorite music is a good wedding favor, as guests can listen to the selected tunes compiled once they get home.

3. Scented candles. Scented candles are very popular wedding favors, and this is because they are cheap and easily done at home. If you are planning to create your own wedding giveaways, then it may be time to start learning how to make candles-you can add your favorite scent and decorate them with embellishments too.

4. Decorative bottles. Meanwhile, if you want your guests to take home a personalized message from you and your partner, why not give letters in bottles instead. You can buy decorative bottles, and insert a letter of thanks written in fancy paper. You may also want to add colored sand instead, as well as shells and other small items, especially when you are going for a beach-themed wedding.

5. Cookies. Are you a happy baker? If your answer is yes, then why not give away cookies instead? You can spend a day or two baking these edible goodies and ask your friends to help you out in the packing, so that by the time of your wedding these sweet favors are good to go. You can also go for chocolate crinkles, especially when you have the budget.

6. Potted plants. On the other hand, if you are opting for an eco-friendly wedding favor, then the best way to go is that of potted plants. Potted plants are actually cheap, especially when bought from a garden store. They are good favors because you not only give your guests a token of gratitude, but also something that they can use and take care of. They can use these potted plants as table centerpieces, add them in their own home gardens.

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