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Why Whirlpool Baths Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

Whirlpool Baths

There was once a time when a whirlpool bath might only have been seen on the MTV show Cribs, in the palatial home of one of the world’s most famous people or in the hundreds of pound a night suites of five star hotels the world over. Luckily they are now are a common sight in bathrooms across the country and are one of the best ways to turn a traditional bathroom from drab to fab. They are the epitome of luxury all around, and are a great, relatively inexpensive addition to any home. Here, the bathrooms experts from explain why whirlpool baths are not just for the rich and famous.

Whirlpool Baths

To fully appreciate that a whirlpool bath can be a practical addition to any space rather than an indulgent luxury that has little space in a busy bathroom, it can be useful to understand exactly how a whirlpool bath works and what its function is. A normal bath, usually a corner bath, is fitted with whirlpool jets, which are spaced at set positions along the side of the bath. The jets come with either an in-built control panel or with a remote. Water and air is then forced out through the jets via a suction plate, creating a ‘whirlpool’ effect that is highly relaxing and soothing for the muscles and the joints. The force of the air being pushed through the jets is controlled by the user for a completely personalised experience.

As previously mentioned, whirlpool baths often function better as corner baths, simply because the whirlpool effect in itself works best in a bath that is rounder. However, they are also increasingly available in traditional free standing baths, which are often considered to be the epitome of elegant luxury and indulgence, without the celebrity price tag.

For a real spa experience in the home, there are a range of extra features which can be added to a standard whirlpool bath, making for a hard-working bathroom addition that is as beneficial as it is beautiful. Thermostatic temperature control helps the person bathing to get the perfect temperature for them before they even get into the bath, and a valve regulates water temperature from the jets to ensure that there are no dangerous fluctuations in the water being dispelled.

An air massage system can also be included; entirely different from a whirlpool effect, air is blown up through the water in addition to the jets around the size to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all users.

To help it fit in with a bathroom, choose a whirlpool bath with underwater lighting, and to avoid any problems with the air being shot through the jets, opt for a whirlpool bath with an air regulator. These help to prevent the jets becoming blocked, diffusing any extra pressure and allowing the whirlpool settings to remain constant.

Though all of these options might sound like something only a diva would install in their home, modern whirlpool baths are remarkably budget-friendly. They can also help those who suffer from sore muscles and knots to get more out of their evening dip. Those with high stress jobs will also find that the whirlpool has more of a relaxing effect than a traditional soak. Check out the full range of whirlpool baths at Bella Bathrooms.

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