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VoxWeb: How This App is Destined To Change Our Social Lives

Social Lives

Sharing images were all about proliferating emotions, but this has considerably changed over a period of time. First with the gif images and now with something unique called speaking pictures.

What is a speaking picture?
As the name suggests, speaking picture has audio attached to it. First, you capture an image and then attach an audio to it. Once you do that, you are able to share it freely amongst your friends or contacts. It is easy to identify such images. They are distinctly marked with an orange line. Once you receive any picture, all you have to do is long-tap on it. And the picture will speak up and give you the underlying emotions that were embedded with the images.

Does it need a lot of conscious switching?
No, it doesn’t! as long as you are well acquainted with the concept of capturing images (which you sure are), you shouldn’t have any problems in dealing with Voxweb. Both capturing the image and decoding the message is simple. All you’d need to do is to get an app, and you are all set.

Social Lives

Great! But is everyone else using it?
Yes, the world is awakening to the new possibilities that a speaking image can get. And therefore, people around the world are switching onto this form of image sharing. It is simple, crisp and fine.  People across the globe are waking up to the possibility that audio images hold. And the concept has been supported by numerous investors who are betting heavily on its ability to change image sharing landscape.

Which regions it is catering to?
Post its launch, Voxweb is now available globally. Users across the world can now share and enjoy the audio images that Voxweb allows them to share.

Difference: Audio image vs Video
While, there are many chief differences, the primary ones can be outlined as follows.

  1. Low Bandwidth
  2. Easy Sharing
  3. Lightweight
  4. Doesn’t require too many add on for a simple play

The Voxweb app is akin to Instagram and is dedicated to image sharing. Orange lines are indeed changing the way we used to share images, and might as well be the biggest phenomenon of our times. Voxweb is currently available on both android and iOS platforms.

VoxWeb intends to cater to a larger user base and make speaking images as general as a jpg or gif images. Social media and other portals are bracing up for the change and are looking out closely to incorporate the new gold standard of images. Now, you could think of sharing images without ever worrying for typos etc. and have everything placed in one go. Voxweb allows free signup and usage so that you can share images without any hassles. It is very user-friendly and sleek and ensures that you get the most wholesome experience of image sharing. At this point in time, you can only play images through the voxweb app but it is very likely that other platforms will soon follow the suit.

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