5 Unusual Attractions in North Carolina

The Biltmore House and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse are popular attractions that most visitors plan to see during their stay in North Carolina. There are many other attractions in the state that are just as magnificent but are not as popular partly because they are not often publicized. Take a break from the crowds at the popular attractions and experience North Carolina in a different way with these 5 unusual attractions.

Big Furniture Attractions

North Carolina is known as the furniture capital of the world, so why not take in some of the furniture attractions at High Point? There you’ll see a chest of drawers that 38 foot tall. There’s no other place where you can experience a view like that. A local business has outdone this 38 feet chest of drawers by converting the front of the building to look like an 80 feet chest of drawers. Other interesting pieces of furniture that you will marvel at are an 18 feet chair sitting on a pedestal that is 12 feet in Thomasville. In Point Harbor you’ll find the world’s largest hammock which is 42 feet long.

Fields of the Woods

Murphy is a small town, but it is home to the magnificent Fields of Woods. There you’ll see the 10 Commandments inscribed on a structure that is 300 feet wide. The structure is so big that it is visible from space.

Belhaven Memorial Museum

The Belhaven Memorial Museum is home to the weirdest exhibits that you’ll ever see. A two headed kitten, 20 pound tumor, and a flea bride and groom are just some of the unusual exhibits that you’ll find there.

World’s Largest Granite Tombstone

What to see the tombstone of the world’s largest twins? So far, Benny and Bill McCrary still hold the record as the world’s largest twins. Now deceased, the tombstones placed on top their graves hold the record as the largest granite tombstones in the world.

Brown Mountain Lights

The Brown Mountain Lights in Morganton is a sight to behold, if you happen to catch them. These lights occur at unusual intervals and sightings have been reported as far back as the 1200s. A number of governing bodies have investigated these phenomena, and so far they’ve been unable to come up with something conclusive. In Cherokee Legend the lights are explained as the spirits of Indian maidens that are searching for their loved ones who died in battle. Whatever reason you want to attribute to the phenomena, they are certainly a sight to behold.

Digger’s Dungeon

Monster truck fanatics must make a stop by the Poplar Ranch’s unusual monster truck exhibit. At Digger’s Dungeon you’ll find the Grave Digger monster truck. The full scale version sits outside and there are scraps from other versions hanging from the ceiling inside the gift shop. A garage that is adjacent to the shop gives visitors a firsthand view of monster truck maintenance.

These are just a few of North Carolina’s unusual attractions. If you ask around you’ll be sure to find a few more.

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