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A Welcome Return Home

a welcome return home

Losing the ability to safely move up and down stairs can be an unfortunate fact that comes with aging.  Many seniors experience frustration from not being able to access all the rooms in their very own home.  A large number of homeowners will simply stop going to the upper level of their homes as the experience becomes too painful.  This lack of attention can leave rooms to stagnate and suffer the damages of time.  However, age is not the only cause for limited mobility.

Accidental Injury

In many cases, homeowners may experience accidental injury or have the need to recover from invasive surgeries.  These kinds of procedures and incidents can leave them without the ability to climb stairs.  Doing so may cause them further injury or prolong healing time.  For younger individuals, this situation may leave them unable to complete necessary housework or unable to tuck their children into bed.  All of these limiting conditions can be things of the past.  Considering residential elevators as additions to your home will allow you to overcome these obstacles in your life.

Lifts for Wheelchair

Wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and residential elevators are an essential element to giving independence back to the individuals in your life who are experiencing limited mobility.  Those experiencing the inability to move around their own home often feel a lack of confidence.  They may even resist considering these products as a benefit to their situation.  However, an addition of an elevator to a residential home can instill the confidence and happiness that a family member may have lost.  Wheelchair and elevator systems are also crucial for commercial businesses.  To meet standard regulations and to allow your business to have open arms to everyone in the community, it is necessary to install these kinds of systems.

Customer Needs

Elevator companies has been meeting these needs for customers in the Midwest since 1948.  Their expertise and professional installation services will exceed the expectations of the most exacting standards.  Elevators companies works with their customers to determine the right system for the home or business in consideration.  Choosing the right lift will take away the pain and frustration that can be associated with performing daily tasks such as bringing in groceries, accessing bathrooms, or moving to the bedroom.

A wide range of products are available for installation.  All of the products meet the accreditation standards of the National Association of Elevator Contractors.  Each product is specifically tailored towards the needs of the customer.  Beyond residential elevators and wheel chair lifts, elevator companies can install dumbwaiters and parking products for specialized mobility vehicles.  The products themselves operate smoothly and quietly.  Hydraulic and pneumatic designs allow for reliable service that is suited for the home or business atmosphere.


Service extends beyond the product installation.  Elevator companies offers elevator repair service and maintenance around the clock.  The expertise this company has to offer can be accessed whenever it is needed.  Parts for every make and model they install are always on-hand.  Trained technicians are always prepared to have your lift system up and running at the drop of a hat.  When it comes to your home, you must put your business in trusted hands.  Elevator companies is an innovative lift company that has engaged the trust of their customers for decades.

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