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Tips to Remain Focused When You Have ADHD

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Do you find it tremendously difficult to focus on the task at hand as someone who suffers from ADHD? This can be frustrating, and quite upsetting, if you want to complete a task, yet your mind moves forward at a mile a minute. Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Simply take the time to slow down, and take a deep breath, can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your focus. When you slow your breathing down persistently, your thoughts begin to slow down. When your thoughts begin to slow down, your whole world slows down, and your focus improves, and it becomes a little easier to live with ADHD. Be patient, and most of all, be loving of yourself. Accept the fact that your mind will run away like a freight train at times, and you will be much better equipped to improve your focus despite suffering from the symptoms of ADHD. Coming to this realization, that you have the illness, but that you can counteract its effects on some level, can bring to you a sense of peace, of calm confidence, which can also improve your focus and sharpen your concentration skills.

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Meditate Regularly to Maintain Your Focus

Individuals with ADHD should meditate on a daily basis to improve their focus. I know, you might feel that it is impossible to meditate, but this is simply a thought, or feeling, that will arise, come and go, when you refuse to believe in the feeling. You see, this is the blessing of meditation. The practice reminds you that you are awareness, not the racing thoughts or feelings which seem to plague your mind when you have ADHD. If you meditate each day, for at least 10 to 30 minutes, or longer, you will soon see that you can actually become a watcher of your thoughts. This realization improves your focus tremendously, as you learn how to let go of racing thoughts quickly and focus your attention fully on the task at hand.

Find a quiet spot. Focus on your breathing. Follow the breath as it moves into your nostrils, and down into your stomach. Then focus on the out breath, again following the flow of your breath as it exits your body. Following your breathing during meditation can feel like a chore because so many thoughts, feelings, sensations, worries, anxieties, dreams, hopes, and goals pop up in your mind when you meditate. This is OK. Simply note the thoughts and feelings and move your attention firmly but gently back to your breathing. This practice improves your focus like no other, as when you become fully aware of a thought or feelings, you will stop resisting the thought or feeling, and let it go. Meditation provides you with the vehicle through which you can expand and heighten this awareness.

Take Frequent Breaks from Whatever You Are Doing

The mind is like a muscle. In truth it is a mental muscle, and you must give your mind a break through the day to improve your focus with ADHD. You would not work out with free weights nor run on a daily basis, as you need to rest up, and allow your body and muscles to recover. Well, you can focus on a daily basis, but you need to take frequent breaks, preferably each hour, to rest up, and allow your focus to remain fresh. By doing this you will feel renewed, and full of energy, which of course improves your concentration immensely.

Use these tips to improve your concentration as an ADHD sufferer today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips and advice on how to manage health conditions so that they mininimize negative impact on day to day living; if you are interested in learning more about dealing with ADHD as an adult, such as information on cylert for adults, follow the link.

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