Breaking with Tradition: Unique and Unusual Wedding Gowns

Unusual Wedding Gowns

Weddings, the day that so many women have lived for, dreamed of and planned since they were little girls, a day that perfectly represents the love of two people and celebrates the union of a couple. There is no day as special as a wedding day and there is so much excitement and preparation surrounding weddings and by far the most important part of the day is the gown that the bride chooses. There are so many shapes, sizes and styles to choose from and the bride uses the wedding dress to not only show her personal style but to be an image of spectacular beauty and to really take centre stage at her wedding.

Unusual Wedding Gowns

Tradition states the wedding gown should be something almost princess like and most importantly, white, but in recent years brides have been breaking with tradition and been far more adventurous and bold in their gown choices whether it is a unique style, a vibrant colour or a dress that makes a strong statement, an unforgettable design that catches the eye and makes a bride differ from any other. Wedding dresses NJ and other wedding gown suppliers are embracing the new need for a unique gown and fashion statements and themes are now incorporated into gown creation alongside the more traditional elements.

The theme of the wedding can carry a big influence on the selection of the dress, there are far more outlandish themes that are incorporated into a wedding and to fully embrace the theme, women are choosing their dresses very differently.

Fashion is an important consideration and is still appropriate on the wedding day, brides want to feel comfortable, beautiful and as though they really are the centre of attention whilst considering their own tastes. There is little point in choosing a dress that is unflattering and inappropriate merely to fall in with tradition.

Weddings are no longer formal occasions, for many they are the perfect opportunity for a celebration and there are those that prefer to create a far more relaxed atmosphere and the dress needs to be fitting with this idea. The type of wedding that is being held directly influences the dress and the stylings of the bridal party. The timing of the wedding is also a reason why women are choosing an entirely new style of frock. Certain seasons can perfectly incorporate a dramatic or low key dress, Winter weddings for example can be the perfect time to wear a black wedding dress that is so different to the traditional dress, Spring weddings can allow for pastel shade gowns such as pale pink.

Modern day weddings are no longer as traditional as they once were, the very idea of a wedding has changed dramatically, they were usually a way of allowing a couple to start their lives together to be able to live as a couple and begin a family life, they are now a secondary to all of this as so many couples already share a home or have children.  They are now simply a declaration of love and unity. With the changing significance of a wedding comes the natural changes in the format of the day including the very different dress requirements.

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