Pitching Machines are the Number One Batter’s Secret

  • As an athlete, regardless of your skill level, you always have something you can learn or improve upon. Many times teams or players are known for lacking in certain areas, and your opponent can use that to their advantage. It is not enough to be great in only one aspect of your sport, it is important to be a well-rounded athlete who is able to make his or her team better in many different ways. If you are serious about improving your swing, most likely you want to practice all the time. Practice makes perfect, and it is hard to practice hitting if no one is willing to pitch for you. A family member or friend may be willing to do it for a while, but pretty soon they will tire out and then you are out of options. BUT, If you used one of the great pitching machines or had your very own pitching machine, you could hit as many balls as you like without ever worrying about the pitcher getting a sore arm. Aside from that, your pitching machine can pitch every kind of ball imaginable! Can’t you see it now? Look at the amazing types of pitches that you can practice with: curveballs, sliders, fastballs, or any other type of pitch, are no problem for the right machine, and you can guarantee it will be a perfect pitch each time. One after the other, they are going to keep you on your toes until you are the one that is tired. Now that is a lot more than you will get from a family member, friend, or even your coach! Additionally, those other tired arms may enjoy the additional breaks from pitching while the pitching machine takes over.
  • In order to really sharpen your skills, you need to use every available means of practice. Pitching machines will allow you to practice hitting the same type of pitch multiple times. Switch up your pitches to improve upon reaction times. This allows you to perfect hitting each type of pitch and can be done at various speeds. Setting the speed a little faster will allow you to improve your overall reaction times, and prepare you for even the best pitcher. Wouldn’t it be nice to step on the field knowing that you are prepared for whatever the pitcher can throw at you? On top of that, it is always a real competitor’s moment when you can beat the pitcher every time they throw their ball to get you out.
  • One important aspect of baseball or softball is hand eye coordination. The Grand Slam Pitching machine has a very small hit zone and a player can hit 150 golf-sized balls in about 15 minutes. This is a great way to mimic professional level practice at your own home, school or local league. If working on a specific speed is more important for your practice, getting one of the Heater Baseball Pitching Machines may be a better option for you. It allows you to vary your speed from 15-50 mph and you can adjust the height to allow use for grounders and flies. Every Heater product comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee and one year parts and labor warranty.
  • For a coach or player who desires one of the variable pitching machines available, a Sports Tutor Polyball Pitching Machine will throw a gentle toss all the way up to 60 MPH. If that is not fast enough simply move the machine closer to the batter to simulate speeds up to 90 MPH. This also allows you to practice different styles of pitches with the turn of a dial. Whatever your desire, you are sure to find a pitching machine to meet your needs and the requirements of your players. For families on a budget, or large teams looking for multiple machines and accessories, there are a variety of options. Everyone is able to find what they need with all the options they desire.
  • Just don’t forget to buy plenty of balls and maybe even an extra battery for your pitching machines so you can always be ready to practice “on the fly.” Soon you and your team will be hitting better and making the competition nervous.

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