Things To Do in Bahamas

bahamas vacation

Bahamas is place in Caribbean known for its countless interesting things; it has beautiful beaches, magnificent gardens, exquisite historical and cultural places, national parks and many more. Every island of Bahamas is unique in nature. There are a lot of places to visit but we are telling you here some the places where you can go and enjoy your Bahamas vacations.

bahamas vacation

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is very famous for its flora and fauna. It is also very rich in terms of history and culture. The famous Ardastra Garden has over 300 varieties of birds, mammals and reptiles. It also has daily show for you to witness Flamingos. It is one the best nature reserves on Island. It also has a wide range of exotic fruit trees and coconut palms. It has some more places also like Fort Charlotte and Fort Montagu which are famous for their architecture and deigns. This part of Bahamas also has some places to visit colonial architecture if you are interested to explore the history of ruins. National Art Gallery of Bahamas is an interesting place to visit for sure which tells you about the history Bahamas. This Art Gallery was built in 1860’s and has beautiful collection of ceramics, paintings, sculptures and any more. Museums of Nassau are also very interesting place to pay a visit which will surely satisfy the thirst of history lovers. Queen’s staircase is also one of the famous places among the tourists. Some more places you can visit here in Nassau are Christ Church Cathedral, Crystal Cay, Balcony House, Changing of Royal Guards and many more which will surely entertain you and make you Bahamas trip extraordinary.

Grand Bahamas Island, Bahamas

Grand Bahamas Island is a interesting place to visit and spend some time during Bahamas trip. Bahamas Perfume factory is a place which attracts tourists because of its fragrance where they witness the process of perfume making and packing. Eco tour to Pinetree Stables is a must do thing while you down here in Grand Bahamas. Pinetree Stables is located at Freeport. You need at least two and half hours to complete the tour of Pinetree Stables which is very tiring but very interesting and awesome experience is the return gift of this Pinetree Stables Eco tour. Pinder’s Point lighthouse is also the most famous place to visit built in 1700’s it lures million visitors every year. Tourists who are interested in exploring nature trails can head towards to Fern Gully and Josie Trail where they can enjoy nature and nightlife both. Places like Eight Mile Rock and Lucayan National Park are also on the list of tourists who come here to spend their holidays.

All the above places with others like San Salvador, Cat Island, Abacos, Andros and many more make Bahamas a great place to spend your holiday time. It is one of the Island in Caribbean which is also famous for its assistance and care towards tourists as it provide best facilities all around the Island to make their trip lavish and cosy.

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