Things To Do in Ghana

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Ghana is a very beautiful African country known of its panoramic views, landscapes, history and culture which makes it a perfect destination place for holidays. You can see some of the best places of Africa while travelling Ghana. Here are some places we are suggesting you to go while you are on Ghana tour with your friends and family.

ghana travel


If you are fond of beaches then this country might be the best place for you. It has many beaches which can fascinate you and fulfil all your need that you wish for a lavish holiday. The main beaches in Ghana are Labadi, Kokrobrite, Ada, Cocoloco, CoCo and Alaska. These beaches are famous for their assistance and facilities they provide to their customers. One can really enjoy here as these beaches are full of entertainment and peace whatever you want you will get here. So if you are planning to enjoy your holidays on beaches then this could be the best place for you.

Castles and Forts

Ghana does not give thumbs down foe the tourists who are looking for some history to discover on their trip to this culture rich African country. Many castles are there to visit in Ghana some of them are Cape Coast which was the symbol of numerous foreign powers which ruled over the country, Elmina Castle which was built by Portuguese in 1482 and was under Dutch for 274 years since 1637. At the walking distance from Elmina Castle there is Fort St. Jago which was the base for Dutch when the won Elmina Castle. There are a lot of things in these forts and castles which are narrating the stories of war times and people of that time. You can take a tour package or can go by yourself to visit theses fort and castles.

National Parks and Wildlife

Ghana is also very rich in terms of nature and wildlife. It has many sanctuaries and national parks which gives you the best feeling around the globe while you look for a close call to nature. Some famous parks in Ghana which preserve flora and fauna are Mole, BUI, Digya, Bia, Nini-Suhien, Kakum and many others gardens and wildlife preserves which are the best options to explore the nature of this country.

National Museum

Ghana’s National Museum is a place where visitors often go and spend some time. This Museum provides them the detailed knowledge of ancient time of Ghana. It was opened for public on 5th march 1957on the eve of Ghana’s Independency. Various archaeological objects, arts, ethnography and many more things are jewels of this museum. Visiting here not only will refresh your mind but also you will add some beneficial knowledge to your brain.

All these places including many other cities of Ghana make this country a wonderful choice to pay a visit. Assistance and facilities provided by various tour programmers will make your holiday even more relaxing and enjoyable. So if you are planning a vacation with your family or friends this might be the best choice for you.

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