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4 Tips for Choosing Dentures

Choosing Dentures

Injury, tooth decay and periodontal disease may cause you to lose your teeth. Replacing these lost teeth is critical because you may not be able to speak or eat properly with missing teeth. If you neglect to replace missing teeth you may also experience facial muscle sagging and shifting of your remaining teeth.

Even though you may be embarrassed when picking a new set of dentures getting over yourself will introduce you to a confident new world. Think about it. Would you rather stay at home on the weekends, or avoid visiting your family because you’re ashamed of your teeth? Or would you rather live a social, thriving life, unashamed of your new, bright smile?

Choosing Dentures

Getting over yourself by not letting your ego calls the shots can help you live a normal, functioning social life. Leave embarrassment behind. Choose a pair of dentures to fill in the blanks and gain confidence in your smile and self again.

Think of how you want your smile to look. Once you can see yourself smiling with a new set of teeth you’ve likely found motivation to begin researching a new set of dentures. At this point you can get busy with due diligence. Research different types of dentures, costs and speak to your dentist about seeing a specialist who can help you find the right dentures for your needs.

Pick the proper denture to address these issues.

Embrace Your Fears

Having dentures can be an embarrassing situation for young and old people alike. The idea of wearing a fake set of teeth carries a negative connotation in the minds of most people. Get over your fears by thinking through the alternative. Would you rather be gap toothed or have a full set of dentures?

Modern dentistry has created genuine, real-looking devices which complement your smile. Gone are the days of boxy, artificial-looking falsies. Technological advances have made it easier to wear a seamless, authentic pair of dentures which can fool even your close friends and family.

Before you shop around for a dentist or decide on which dentures will fit your needs embrace your fears related to wearing the dental device.

Find the Cost of Dentures

Budget in the cost of the natural looking dentures before making a purchase. Do the dentures fit into your budget? Look for dependable but inexpensive products if you want to improve your smile while on a shoestring budget. Since dentures can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars shopping around to find a match for your financial needs is imperative. The warranty being offered with the dental device can alter pricing. The denture material, type of denture, your dental insurance and the cost of your specialist can also influence the price of your dentures.

Select the Proper Type of Denture

Depending on your needs you’ll need to choose a specific type of denture. Immediate complete dentures are inserted in the mouth immediately after your teeth are extracted. Since the application of the dental wear is immediate you’ll be able to show your face in public with your shiny new dentures. Going the immediate complete denture route can help you avoid any embarrassing situations.

Conventional full dentures are not placed until after your mouth has been healed from your oral procedure of removing teeth. You’ll be able to see how your teeth look before having the denture applied but at least 6 weeks will likely pass while you have an incomplete smile. If you can embrace your temporary non-toothy grin consider going with conventional full dentures.

Choose Your Dentist

Selecting the right dentist for your denture insertion can help the procedure go smoothly. General dentists are usually trained to handle denture placement. If you are comfortable with your current dentist and feel confident in their abilities ask if they’re qualified to complete this procedure. Receiving a “yes” can save you time looking for another dentist.

Prosthodontists are specialized doctors who receive training in restorative dentistry. If you feel more confident having a specialist handle this delicate procedure go with a prosthodontist to handle your denture needs.

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