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5 Tips for Picking a Sofa

Picking a Sofa

Before you rush to a showroom to pick up your new sofa keep a few ideas in mind.  Selecting furniture which fits your lifestyle without giving you nightmares is the optimal situation. Furnishing a house can be a painstaking process. Coordinating color, style and other factors to match your home’s decor can be a nightmare. By adopting a visions for your interior design you can ease your worries and make the right selection.

Think of both form and function when visualizing the ideal sofa for your home. Picture how the furniture will fit into the desired space. Do you need a long, narrow sofa or short and wide piece of furniture to dress up the corner of your living room? Or will a certain color complement your TV room or den? Picturing the furniture in your house helps you gain an ides of what will work and what won’t before you trudge to the department store showroom.

Picking a Sofa

Before you buy the perfect sofa think about how you’ll use the furniture. See yourself relaxing on the couch to better picture a match for your home.

Use these 5 tips to pick up the perfect sofa for your needs.

Pick Upholstery that Can Stand Up to a Tough Test

Consider covering your sofa in outdoor fabric to make your furniture virtually stain proof. If you decide to go with a white colored fabric using a white-out pen can ease your worries. Husbands, wives, children and pets will quickly stain your sofa despite your best efforts of praying to the furniture gods. Be at peace with the fact that despite your obsessing over keeping your new purchase clean it will get stained sooner or later. Pick a sofa fabric that can handle being used frequently.

Choose a Sofa with Appealing Fabric

Don’t make the common mistake of picking a sofa then tiring over the fabric within a year or 2. Many a sofa in perfect condition is returned because the buyer didn’t pick the furniture with a long term vision in mind. Strong stripes, bold plaids and busy floral numbers can wear on your eyes quickly. Unless you’re in love with their power patterns choose a more subtle design. Choosing a neutral fabric can ensure that you’ll enjoy your selection for years instead of trading in your new sofa within months.

Make Sure the Sofa Fits Your Décor

Purchase a sofa which fits your room’s decor. Decide on where you want to place the sofa. Choose a low back sofa if you want to place the furniture in front of a large window so you don’t block the view. Select a lighter fabric to prevent fading if the window space receives ample sunlight. By thinking through where you wish to place the sofa and visualizing how you want the furniture to fit in your room you can save yourself energy and headaches in the form of a return.

Buy a Sofa You Can Sleep on

Make sure your sofa feels comfortable enough to sleep in. Busy individuals often pass out on their sofa while watching TV late at night. People with insomnia generally need a change in scenery from their bedroom to effectively fall asleep. Ensure a good night’s rest in either your bedroom or on your sofa by picking a soft, cushy, relaxing piece of furniture. Don’t bother buying a sofa unless you can easily pass out on the furniture. Lounge in the sofa at the showroom similar to how you’d use a sofa at home. By mimicking your home habits you will pick the right sofa to laze on when you bring the furniture home.

Purchase Pillows with Your Sofa

Visualize your sofa as a backdrop. Without carefully selected pillows you are creating an empty environment in that corner of the room. Add character and style to your sofa. Pick up eye catching accent pillows to jazz up your new furniture. Finish your room by adding colorful but tasteful pillows to your sofa ensemble. Consider changing your pillows each season for a customized touch.

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